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Who We Are.....

A Home Solutions-Based Company looking to assist Home Owners with a Fast and Smooth Sale Process.

Our Family-Run Company has a track record in the Real Estate industry for providing Efficient Home Solutions . We pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service to order to guarantee that all of our clients are 100% satisfied.

Blu-Star can assist homeowners with a wide variety of solutions to any real estate problem. 

Why Choose Us....

At Blu-Star Home Solutions, we are dedicated to providing just what our name says....Solutions. Selling a Home can be a stressful process when dealing with Real Estate Agents, Inspectors, Home Showings etc. Blu-Star provides a Faster, Less Stressful "Solution" to your Selling needs. An All-Cash Offer may not be the best option at this time. With that said....We are able to provide other creative "Solutions" that may be a better option. 

Buy "As Is" 
No Repairs Needed

It’s that easy! We won’t ask you to take on Upgrades, Make Repairs or deal with any Rehab nonsense. We Buy Houses in "As Is" condition. No Updates Required.

No Real Estate Agents, Brokers or Realtors

Some Home Owners prefer not to complete any updates that may be needed when listing with a Real Estate Agent. Along with having to Pay a Agent Commissions and Other fees, Home Owners look for another option. Blu-Star Home Solutions is that option. 

No Contingencies. No Waiting for Lender Approval

What We See is What You Get! Once your Offer is made, we won’t bother you with Lender or Third-Party Approval, Satisfactory Inspection, and so forth. We buy directly from you.....No Lender Approval Needed and No Inspections Needed.

You Choose Your Closing Date 

Pick your own closing date; one that’s convenient for you and your family. We work around your schedule, and consider your circumstances. No waiting Weeks or even Months, just let us know what works best for you.

Stay in Home 30/45 days after Closing

A 30-Day or Less Home Closing may not be enough Time for a Home Owner to get Living Affairs in order. In Most Cases, We are able Structure an Agreement where the Seller can stay in the Property 30/45 days after Closing. 

No Hidden Costs, Fees or Expenses 

We won’t ask you to pay any type of Extra Fees. We’re the ones Giving you the Money, not the Other Way Around. The Price that we Agree to, Will be the exact Dollar amount you receive at Closing                                     CALL or TEXT  (833) 537-0800

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